A downloadable game for Windows

Begin your journey as a Rogue in this text based game! Battle your way to victory to become the most famous warrior of your time with deadly enemies, gripping locations and a heap of side activities.

You will start your adventure with little fame and cash to your name, but that will all change in time. Level your way up in this endless adventure but be warned, you have a dangerous and difficult task ahead of you. Do not be surprised to die and have to start over many times as this game includes a perma-death mechanic, so it’s wise to limit your risks and run from battle if you need it.


  • 5 different biomes and twice as many enemies
  • Limitless levels/salable gameplay
  • Over 20 unique items
  • Create a vast trading empire with your own merchant ship and crew!
  • In game achievements
  • Exciting quests
  • In game stock market to become the wolf of Rogue Quest
  • Magic and divination

Visit: https://isonti.wordpress.com/rogue-quest/ For more information!

Install instructions

Simply run the RogueQuestSetup.exe setup file and follow the setup instructions. You'll be slaying enemies in no time!


RogueQuestSetup.exe 125 MB

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